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Andy Keena loves flowers
Andy Keena has a cat

The son of a preacher, Andy was born and raised in the Ozarks. He eventually moved to Chicago where he spent his rebellious teenage years ditching school and hanging out at the Art Institute … yes, just like Ferris Bueller.

After high school, Andy moved to Germany where he served as a security officer at a resort for US military personnel. He took advantage of his time in Europe to travel to the many art museums the old country has to offer.

Clearly, you’re starting to see a pattern here. Andy loves art.

Andy took his love of art to Montana (right?) where he worked in a bookstore and a pottery studio. His movie-like life became even more intriguing when he met his partner outside of a dingy dive bar, where, if you’re living right, you should meet the love of your life.

What next you may ask? Well, Andy and Kyle decide to move to Pennsylvania where Andy enrolls in the prestigious Thaddeus Stevens College where he graduates Summa Cum Laude with a degree in graphic communications. Clearly, Andy is smart if you can’t tell by now. He goes on to take additional courses from the Pennsylvania College of Art where they sharpen his design skills while failing to teach him to read labels underneath coffee cups (inside joke).

While in Pennsylvania, Andy is hired by an ad agency that’s eerily similar to ReThinc. A great company with dynamic leadership is how he describes it. He essentially kicks major ass and becomes a valuable member of their creative team. In 2020, Andy and Kyle move to Arizona in order to get closer to family and to never experience cold weather again for the rest of their lives. At this point, they feel good about their decision having taken a liking to things like hiking, biking, and spending time at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens. Andy digs on cacti for some reason and has become a collector of spiny plants of all kinds.

Andy is enjoying being warm. He has two cats that are unsurprisingly bemused with the fact that he’s entertaining adopting a dog. He enjoys watching cult-classics and musicals from the 60’s. His proudest moments in life include starting a fire in Boy Scouts under 30 seconds with a flint/stone, running a marathon while puking less than twice, and winning a game of backgammon with a backgammon which, if you knew, is really a big deal.

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