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Marisa Fugleberg

Marisa Fugleberg is a young and talented designer in our creative department. Marisa was born in Phoenix to her dynamic parents who seem quite adept at creating gifted offspring. She moved all the way to Tempe to attend Arizona State University where she earned her degree in Visual Communication from The Design School at ASU.

Marisa came to ReThinc by way of an internship that she earned by professing a genuine love for our culture. More specifically she loves philanthropy, pit bull mix breeds, and Justin Bieber. Outside of that last one, ReThinc was a perfect fit. Her passions transcend graphic design and include things like web development, illustration, branding, animation, and unique forms of print collateral.

In her free time, Marisa likes to hang with her vaguely European boyfriend. They enjoy hanging out, going out, or staying in to watch a movie recommended by Jordon. She has a cat named Puss Puss, which she claims is the best cat ever (yeah, get in line cat owner… they all say that).

  • Has a beautiful calico cat named Puss Puss
  • If she had to eat one food for the rest of her life, it would be tacos
  • Met Justin Bieber in 8th grade and is still a Belieber to this day
  • Tequila is her best friend
  • Did over 1k hours of community service in high school

the flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.

– The Emperor, Mulan –

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