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Jordon Roberts


Jordon Roberts with Cat

Jordon Roberts was born in Odessa, Texas but really he hails from fourteen different states. His father was in the oil business so he spent his formative years living a Daniel Plainview type life (Googled here for your convenience).

Eventually, Jordon’s family stopped moving when he got to Arizona and he finished growing up at Arizona State University. He gained notoriety at ASU’s School of Design as an accomplished artist who was both weird and cool AF. After graduation, he got a job in a cubicle with a company that also said they were cool. They were not. He endured a wonderfully uncomfortable interview in ReThinc’s early years and was tabbed as the second member of our burgeoning design team.

Jordon is now our Creative Director. His primary task at ReThinc is to make sure all work coming out of his department is of high quality and compellingly different. He is also responsible for making noises that keep his co-workers alert and slightly uncomfortable.

Jordon Roberts by Volcano
  • Almost (accidentally) bought heroin off of a drug dealer in Guatemala
  • Illustrated an ABC book in 5th grade that was on track to be published, but the teacher lost the original
  • Was almost killed by a softball-sized tumor in his left chest
  • Rodney Dangerfield once snubbed his parents at a hotel bar just as he was stealing a bowl of nuts
  • Distantly related to pirates; the ones with the eye-patches and shoulder parrots

when in doubt, increase the margins.


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