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ReThinc Your New Year

2016 was a great year for our clients and therefore a great year for ReThinc Advertising. We had three clients experience record growth, six clients achieve new milestones and not one single client had a flat or down year.

For ReThinc we won three Addy awards and two AMA Spectrum awards while being named the #1 small ad agency (Ranking Arizona) and best boutique agency in Arizona (AZ Foothills).

That’s a good year.

Our digital department added two new employees this past year. TJ Van Gunten is our new digital specialist that has creative mind and quick wit. Shayne Bontempo is our social media director who brings a great work ethic and a sharp marketing mind. We (and more importantly our clients) are happy to have them as part of our ReThinc family.

Our success will never be measured by how many awards we win or by how many wonderful new people we hire. It 100% lies on the results that we are able to generate for our clients. We can never forget that… it is the foundation of our company’s existence.

I feel strongly that achieving success is much easier than sustaining it. That is our mantra for 2017. To better serve our clients and to sustain our success, we have decided that we as a company will make the following resolutions for 2017:

1. Remind ourselves daily that working hard and having fun is gift that we will never take for granted

2. Continue to give back to our community on a regular basis … our blessings must be shared with those less fortunate

3. Take care of ourselves… physically, mentally and emotionally

4. Email less… talk more

5. Make sure our clients know that we are grateful for their business, their friendship and their trust

6. Cherish our blessings and let them always outshine our shortcoming

7. Always give every task our very best effort … to me this is the very definition of excellence

8. Never stop learning

9. Never stop laughing

10. Be honest, be diligent and be accountable

ReThinc Advertising wishes you the very best this new year. Together as friends and as partners … let’s make 2017 an even better year than last. Look for more innovation from our staff this year; new creative that enhances engagement, updated PPC strategies that keep pace with ever changing search algorithms and enhanced methods for reporting/tracking digital ads. We’re going to build on our success the same way we got here in the first place: one client at a time, one job at a time and with you, our valued client as the priority.

I’m appreciative but not surprised by our success. All that being said I personally feel that it’s much easier to achieve success than it is to sustain it.

In business you can sustain success by becoming more organized, improving your processes and refreshing those initiatives that are good but need to be made great.

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