we like to party, and by party we mean advertise

ReThinc: a different kind of ad agency

ReThinc Advertising was founded in 2008 by three overachievers who strongly believed that there just had to be a better agency model for the rapidly changing marketing landscape. They created a smaller, client focused agency that offers award-winning creative, personalized account servicing, and a highly targeted approach to both digital and traditional outreach.

ReThinc has grown to service brands of all sizes and is widely recognized as a hardworking, forward-thinking, dog obsessed group of industry leaders.

/ Established in 2008

/ Award-Winning Creative

/ Digital-Forward Campaigns

/ Top-Ranked Agency

/ Dog Obsessed

Greg Sexton
public relations manager
creative director
design director
digital director
content marketer
Andy Keena
graphic designer
graphic designer
social media coordinator

we suck at foosball...

At ReThinc, we play as hard as we work. Our downtime is spent exploring new ways to go above and beyond for our clients or providing pro bono work for a deserving charity. We love our community almost as much as we love our dogs. Our skills include graphic design, web development, digital marketing, traditional media, and hugging it out.

no seriously, we love what we do...

We love our Phoenix community almost as much as we love our dogs. If you haven’t been to our annual Rescue Rinse be sure to calendar that for next spring. We do lots of other things too…

enough about us, tell us about you!

At ReThinc, we’re always down to meet others who share our love for marketing as well as our penchant for dogs, food, beer, music, and the great outdoors. We prefer that you not try to sell us. C’mon, be cool.