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Erin Redd


Erin was born in Michigan but she still considers herself an Arizona native. She moved to Tucson at 4 years old to be raised as a future Wildcat, but she loves bucking the norm and left town to become a Sun Devil right out of high school. Erin applied and was accepted into the highly touted Design School at Arizona State University. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communication in 2014. During the course of her studies at ASU she served an internship at ReThinc Advertising and in doing so, found a home she loved.

Erin quickly established herself as a dynamic and talented designer, going from intern to a full-time designer working on large projects for ReThinc’s biggest clients. In a few short years, her work ethic and abilities propelled her to a leadership position. She now serves as ReThinc’s Design Director but in truth does so much more for her clients, her department, and her co-workers.

As Design Director, it is Erin’s responsibility to make sure that everything her department produces meets the stylistic requirements for the brand as well as making sure ads communicate the intended message effectively. Erin has won multiple ADDY Awards and other accolades during her time at ReThinc. She has her hand in almost every project we do from billboards, complex multi-page layouts, to web design and development.


Erin truly loves her life as much as she loves her work. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, tending to her countless plants, walking her dog Ari, and of course – making meals and memories with her husband.

  • plant enthusiast
  • animal lover
  • menu scrutinizer
  • local restaurant regular

don’t mistake legibility for communication


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