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email marketing services

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to keep in touch with your current customers and reach out to your prospective ones. Pretty much everyone has an email these days and those people that don’t probably have aluminum foil over their windows so let’s just leave them be. Research tells us 91% of functioning humans check their email every day.

There are dozens of self-service platforms that you can pay for to do your email campaign. Using them is perfectly fine if you want to be average. For those of you who want to sit in front of the marketing class with superior design, enhanced content, dynamic outreach strategies, and reports emailed right to your inbox … you should email us at ReThinc. See what we did there?

  • design and template creation

  • newsletter & promotional emails

  • drip email strategy

  • strategy and content creation

  • email automation

  • copywriting

  • list management

  • a/b testing

  • email analytics and reporting


Having a well design email template is step one to email success. This will put your brand in its best light and be engaging to the recipient. Essentially your email should look like Brad Pitt wearing a tuxedo. At ReThinc, we design email templates that are complementary to your brand and relevant to your audience. This increases your open rate and decreases opt-outs.

Email Template Design Services at ReThinc Advertising


Email automation is a fancy way of saying timed or action triggered emails. At ReThinc we can structure email campaigns for you that are responsive to the action taken by the recipient. That’s a fancy way of saying if they do something we want, we send them an additional message moving them along the marketing funnel. If they do something we don’t want, we encourage them further with a subsequent email that is even more charming.

Email Automation Services at ReThinc Advertising


So, it’s one thing to check the box of sending out emails. Many businesses incorporate fancy and expensive CRM platforms that tell everyone Happy Birthday and remind them of important holidays like National Potato Day (August 19th). If you want better emails with better analysis that you can understand at a glance, email your friends at ReThinc (there we go again). We’ll not only send out your email, we’ll also help you to understand what happened with it after we did and what you should do next with each and every recipient.

Email Reporting Services at ReThinc Advertising

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If you like what you see here, send us an email so we can talk further. We’re relatively harmless so feel free to jot down your question or set up a meeting with our super friendly leadership team. We promise to respond to your email right away and we’ll help you get your customers to do the same!

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