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Great advertising typically tells a great story. Sometimes that might simply be a consumer influencing image with a clever tagline and sometimes it means telling the whole story and doing so in a way that engages the reader while making your words index friendly for our friends at Google.

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In today’s search heavy marketing landscape, there is a defined need for more than just well written words. At ReThinc Advertising, before we engage in telling your story we do the homework necessary to make sure your story helps to enhance your brand’s opportunity to be found on various search engines. We also take into account those ideas that best put your content in a position to be read by the recipient. This can be an email drip campaign, a blog, or yes even a brochure.


Let’s face it, we’re not a bunch of creative writing majors. Even the most passionate business owner may have trouble formulating the words to best tell their story. We actually do have a creative writing major working to create your content. We also have a journalism major and a business major all working to tell your story.


Great content (and great content strategy) must all serve the purpose of not only engaging the recipient, but also influencing their consumer behavior or brand perceptions. That’s a lot to accomplish but that’s not all. Great content must also contain specific terms that allow search engines to index said content. Sound content and an effective content strategy work to optimize your site to the benefit of your organic search position. We have the software to identify those important terms … we also have the expertise to make certain that your content addresses this very important component to your overall content strategy.

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If you like what you are reading and think maybe your brand would benefit from better content all delivered with an enhanced content marketing strategy. Write us below and don’t worry if the grammar isn’t perfect or the message isn’t optimized. We’ll take care of that.

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