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Andrew Gibson


Andrew Gibson

If you ask Andrew where he was born he will tell you “in a hospital…”. Truth be told Andrew was born in Mesa, Arizona and made the short hop to Chandler where he was raised. Andrew was a quick study, starting his own business (a clothing company) at the age of 14. He supplemented his income with a job working at Rubio’s where he eventually became the worlds’ youngest manager.

Yet another fun fact about Andrew is that in college he moved to London to study abroad. He enjoyed living and working there and only came back to Arizona because his visa ran out, he hates the cold, and he can’t afford to live in California.

Andrew has a marketing degree from the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University. He also has a degree in International Business Practices (PGCerTEd…yes, that’s the acronym) from St. Mary’s (England).

Andrew was hired as a social media coordinator and similar to every other job he’s ever held, he quickly ascended to a leadership position in ReThinc’s digital department. Andrew’s responsibilities are all-encompassing, which is a fancy way to say a lot of stuff. He primarily executes our clients’ digital marketing strategies but he also weighs in on overall strategy, brand development, all things websites, new ad products (yes, annoying salespeople… he’s your man), and serves as our in pocket office IT guy.

Andrew Gibson Camping
  • Has had a beer on four different continents
  • Won the D.A.R.E. Essay Contest in 5th Grade
  • Gym regular and meal-prepper; not necessarily in that order
  • Used to serve Ed at Rubios
  • Isn’t related to Mel Gibson, fortunately (or the Gibson Guitar folks, unfortunately)

Control what you can. Confront what you can’t.


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