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Kalyn Albers


Kalyn was born… everywhere; she is a military brat but claims New Jersey. The longest place she lived was Okinawa, Japan, along with Texas, New York, California, and North Carolina. She attended Susquehanna University in central Pennsylvania, where she studied Strategic Communications with an emphasis in Marketing and Advertising. Alongside her studies, she gained experience in marketing, advertising, and graphic design through internships, on the golf team, and heavy involvement in the university’s radio station, playing music, hosting a sports show, and working in the promotions department. She ditched all that to study abroad in Cyprus for a semester; didn’t reserve a lot of time for studying, though, because she was traveling somewhere every weekend.

After graduating in 2019, instead of staying East she moved somewhere she never thought she would live: Phoenix! After graduating and moving across the country, she started in sales—cold calling, to be specific.

Kalyn hates staying still and gets bored easily so on the weekends you’ll find her golfing, hanging out with friends, mixing music, hiking, day-tripping around Arizona, attending live shows, painting, puzzling, lego-ing, you get the point. Sometimes chills and rewatches Sex and the City, The Sopranos, or keeps up with The Housewives.

  • Is really into Astrology
  • First concert was Steely Dan
  • Was a DJ at her college radio station and now mixes music for fun
  • In love with the Spurs and thinks Tim Duncan is the actual GOAT
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