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Andrea Villalobos


Andrea Villalobos - Intern at ReThinc

Andrea Villalobos may call Phoenix home but her heart will forever reside in Chicago (go Cubs!!) where she was born. Her accent always comes back within a few hours every time she goes back to visit family.

After graduating high school, Andrea attended Arizona State University’s Cronkite School to major in Broadcast Journalism. Two years in, she decided to sign up for the Digital Audiences Lab – a mock start-up digital ad agency that allows students to work with “real-life clients,” as she describes it. She found herself enthralled with SEO (weird, right?) and decided to change her minor in Digital Audiences Studies.

One day, a sports marketing professor came to speak to her class. He talked to them about his agency and how it started and how it’s uniquely client-centric, but most importantly, how it was dog friendly – so she immediately logged onto their website and saw a position for an intern open.

The rest is history.

Andrea will graduate with a degree in Broadcast Journalism and minor in Digital Audiences this winter. At that point, she plans on joining ReThinc full time as a digital specialist. When she isn’t asking Andrew a million questions and volunteering for odd jobs in the office, she’s working at In N Out Burger, and when she isn’t doing that, she’s at the gym, at home cuddling with her dog Luna, drinking Cane’s sweet tea, or spending time with her family and boyfriend. Not necessarily in that order.

  • Bilingual and can speak Spanish with a Chicago accent
  • Boba enthusiast
  • Loves pineapple on pizza
  • Is a REALLY good baker (but terrible decorator)
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