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Nikole Henriques


Nikole Henriques at Art of Film for Phoenix Film Festival

Nikole is what we like to call a self-made designer. As a pre-teen, she spent her time teaching herself Photoshop and ‘nerding out’ on all things graphic design. You might say it was destiny as Nikole is the daughter of one very mechanically minded father and a mother who is an accomplished advertising professional.

Safe to say, choosing to study design at ASU’s acclaimed Herberger Institute of Design and Arts– where she graduated Summa Cum Laude and earned her Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design– was definitely in the cards. That’s not all … Nikole also earned additional distinction by becoming a Moeur Award recipient. This award is given to a handful of students who excel academically.

It’s crystal clear that Nikole chose a profession that was right for her.

Before you think Nikole is all brains and no fun, you should know that she puts just as much verve into her self-actualization as she does into her work. She collects albums from far before she was born… She digs a good antique store and has a wicked journal we’d all love to read someday. But wait, there’s more. Nikole plays guitar and loves to read when she’s not busy having an unhealthy love for her cat, Sonny, who is both spoiled and wonderful. She is adept at film photography, or in other words, has all of our embarrassing moments documented forever.

Nikole Henriques

All these things are an extension of what Nikole is as a human. Smart, dynamic, sentimental, and great to be around. She puts a part of herself into everything she creates (and there’s clearly a lot to choose from).

  • Oxford comma enjoyer
  • Learned how to drive an ATV before she learned how to ride a bike (Thanks Dad)
  • Once got stuck at an underground punk show during a storm & power outage
  • Grew up skateboarding alongside someone who is now an Olympian in the sport
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