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website maintenance plan

why we recommend:

Our WordPress website maintenance package supports the overall health and performance of your website.

These plans include core software updates, security scans to protect against malware, uptime monitoring, and general website upkeep. WordPress website maintenance plans ensure that your website remains healthy and operates at optimum levels for you and your site’s visitors.

If you don’t like making updates or don’t know how, a website maintenance plan is a time saver & a stress reliever.


$70/mo or $700/year

website maintenance includes:

  • Client Requested Content Updates (up to 30 min per month)
  • Monthly WordPress Update*
  • Monthly Plugin Updates*
  • Monthly Theme Updates*
  • PHP Version Updates*
  • Daily Off-Site Backup of Full Website*
    (TBD based on your hosting. Hosting upgrade may be needed to complete.)
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security Protection Setup
  • Cancel Any Time

* Updates made when available barring any conflicts with other installed code or server settings. If restoration is needed, website will be restored to the latest viable back up available. Hours do not carry over month-to-month if not used in the current month. Additional work requested outside of the monthly website maintenance package allotments will be billed at a rate of $125/hour. Response time in normal operating business hours.

Please note that we no longer service websites that are hosted on GoDaddy. If you have an interest in switching your hosting from GoDaddy we will be able to assist with that transition for an additional fee. Sorry for the inconvenience, we blame them.

let us know.

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