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10 Things You’ll Learn While Interning at ReThinc Advertising

I slept through my first meeting with the boss, but lucky for me they still let me intern at ReThinc Advertising. Every day was different – some busy days with strict deadlines, but others full of freedom to take on tasks that you want. While no day is the same, here are ten things you will experience if you intern for ReThinc Advertising.

1. Attend fun meetings. Every meeting is full of personality and jokes. This applies to the meeting you have with Stephanie every morning where you talk about life before beginning your work for the day, or the cupcake meeting you get on your birthday. The culture of ReThinc is centered on work enhancing your life, not using your life to enhance your work and this is shown during meetings.

2. Drink Coffee and eat from The Stand. These are staples here at ReThinc. If you haven’t had tacos from the stand, you’re in for a treat!

3. Receive a list of things you should be doing in your spare time from Andrew. Some items on this ever expanding list include: learn how to code, create a list of all the skills you have learned and then make YouTube tutorials of those skills, read Social Media Examiner, and many more. While these tasks may seem tedious and not as fun as watching Netflix, they are very helpful.

4. Be ready for tons of puppy kisses. Whether it’s Zona or one of the many other office dogs, you’re likely to make a new furry friend.

5. Get help from the designers. As a marketing intern, the design office seems mysterious and magical, but the designers are incredibly helpful and always willing to demonstrate how to do something, even simple tasks. You will also get a sneak peak of upcoming work which is always awesome!

6. Eat on the patio. Living is Arizona allows for eating in the sunshine, but the patio is also home to some of the best stories and laughs shared.

7. Have an awkward moment with Ed. It may be a hug or a joke you don’t quite understand, but this is inevitable. Embrace the moment and understand that Ed is one of the kindest individuals you may ever meet. He truly cares about you both personally in life and in your career and does everything he can to make work fun while creating an environment for learning.

8. Perceive Facebook as a tool and not a toy. Do not underestimate the amount of time that goes into a post shared on Facebook. At ReThinc, you will learn the importance of good content, proper timing and audience perception for every post. After your internship you will never see a status the same way again.

9. Learn more in four months than your entire college career. Coming into this internship you may be nervous that you won’t be able to keep up, but you are surrounded by teachers and mentors that will give you the tools to learn and the confidence to do it.

10. Become part of the family. This one is self-explanatory. ReThinc is a family full of supportive and loving people. While the team may be small, each perfectly complements another. You’re extremely lucky to be invited in to the family so make the most of your time here, work hard and have fun!

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