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public relations

Public relations is a great way to tell the “complete” story of your company.

Brand attributes, key differentiators, as well as the personality of your company are all components to a properly executed public relations campaign. And if that’s not enough, there’s a lot more to PR services that we provide that include crisis communication, C suite training, blog writing, content development and more.

  • Media Relations

  • Content Development

  • Crisis Communication

  • Thought Leadership

  • C Suite Training

  • Internal & External Communications


PR Director Greg Sexton has 10 years of reporting experience before he made the transition to public relations. This gives him a valuable and unique perspective on how to position your brand’s story for publication. ReThinc Public Relations has the ability to garner our clients local, national, and even international trade media placements. Think your brand has a great story? We’d love to help you tell it!


In our new digitally driven world, content development has become a critical component of a well balanced and properly structured marketing campaign. The written word enhances searchability while also helping to differentiate your brand from competitors. ReThinc Public Relations can help to improve your website, your blog outreach as well as your internal or external written communications.


When things go awry you need to respond quickly, professionally, and with great thought as to how your brand is going to be perceived moving forward. ReThinc Public Relations can step in to take the bright glare of scrutiny away from your crisis and shine in directly on a deft response to a challenging situation. We create detailed communications plans when your brand or your name is in jeopardy.


There is tremendous value in being perceived as the industry leader that you are. ReThinc Public Relations can formulate and execute a plan that lets others know just how forward-thinking your brand is. We can also personalize this approach to people within your organization in order to better perpetuate your brand position in this competitive world.


Company leadership is oftentimes thrust into the spotlight or asked to communicate with your constituents. Taking steps to improve their abilities is a great investment in your brand. ReThinc Public Relations can provide customized, one on one direction to your leadership team to enhance their communication capabilities.


ReThinc Public Relations is in the business of creating better ways to communicate both internally and externally. Good communication is consistent, concise, and strategic. Our PR staff will formulate a better way of communicating with your clients, employees, prospects, and vendors. We specialize in giving your brand a better, more persuasive voice to all of your audiences.

Let's give them something to talk about!

We love a good brand story, so whether you’re looking for us to help you share it with the world, or helping you figure out what story to tell – ReThinc Advertising and Public Relations is on your side.

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