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Blogs with Benefits

A few weeks ago everyone at ReThinc was encouraged to write a guest blog for our website. Having guest bloggers is the “cool” new thing to do. While staring blankly at the white paper and blinking cursor, I wasn’t sure where to even begin. I think that is the problem for a lot of people because they aren’t sure where to start. What does an audience want to read? And why would they want to read it?

Those are definitely questions that I think about while trying to write a blog. That can also lead to the most important question: why is blogging even important?

We’ve all heard that blogging helps to increase our business, but why? There are so many beneficial reasons to blog for your business and here are five to get you started!

1. Blogging help your Search Engine Optimization. Content is King when it comes to search engine optimization. The more relevant content you push out on your website the better your SEO.

2. Blogging about topics that you are knowledgeable on shares your expertise. A business thrives when people think you know what you are doing. By sharing what you know customers begin looking at you as a reliable source for information and you position yourself to become a thought leader in your field.

3. Blogging starts a conversation. By blogging you are opening up a discussion between your current, future and potential customers. Extra points if you are responsive to the comments and reply to each one.

4. Blogging gives you company a voice. Talk about what you want and let your personality shine through your blog. Blogging doesn’t have to be serious. You want people to feel connected to your brand and sharing your voice helps to do that.

5. Blogging gives you more shareable content. It is important to consistently share content on your social networks, especially original content. Active posting keeps your audience interested. Encourage the sharing of your blogs and you could grow your audience.

At first the blank piece of paper may seem like a waste of time or scary, but the benefits of blogging for your business definitely outweigh the initial writing struggle. Write about what you know, love, or even want to know and if you need help feel free to call your friends at ReThinc!

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