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Getting Your Marketing House in Order

Spring is here and many of us are cleaning out closets, pantries and other parts of our home that we might otherwise ignore. As a business owner it may be time to clean up your marketing efforts as well. It’s beyond obvious to say that marketing is changing. That change could potentially lead to stale or ineffective outreach efforts that don’t work.

As a leading ad agency in Phoenix, ReThinc Advertising encourages you to take a hard look at what you’re doing and who you are doing it with. And yes, I know that the primary recipients of this email are our clients.

At ReThinc, we regularly review what we do for our clients for two reasons. One, to make sure we are not charging them too much and two, to make sure they are not wasting their time or money on ineffective outreach.

For those of you not working with us, spring is a great time to look at your marketing efforts in detail. Instituting change before you get into what can be slower, summer months (for some) is good as it can help you to minimize your seasonal slow down. For industries that benefit from warmer weather (i.e. air conditioning, travel and automotive repair) you can use spring to formulate a better, more impactful marketing strategy with things like attribution elements, enhanced SEM strategies or new creative advertising.

Ad agencies in Arizona should not be worried about clients who do a little spring cleaning. More often than not, a thorough review should result in a deepening of your relationship. Clients appreciate ad agencies that encourage review of the what, why and where of their ad expenditures.

Get your marketing house in order this spring. Whether you are working with an agency or handling things on your own, take time to analyze your marketing plan. Trends in advertising are changing more rapidly than at any other time in our history. If you need help, call me … I’m always up for a little spring cleaning.

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