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It’s About Time You Write a Blog

According to recent research from Orbit Media Studios most bloggers (56%) say it takes them three hours or less to write a typical blog post.

Now for the purposes of this blog let’s quantify that everyone who writes a blog isn’t necessarily a “blogger”. I don’t know how Webster defines it but to me a blogger is someone who writes either constantly for a living or regularly for a purpose.

I am, in loosely defined terms … a blogger.

Some 25% of respondents say it takes them between one and two hours to write a typical post, 24% say it takes between two and three hours, and 8% say it takes less than an hour; 44% say it takes more than three hours to write a typical blog post.

I found this fascinating. I was especially disturbed by my peers who can write content in less than an hour. Either those blogs are word poop or those respondents sit on a throne of lies. My guess is a little of both.

I’m a proud member of the 44%. Here’s a detailed timeline for me to write this blog.

Sunday, November 20th (4:15pm) – I put the finishing touches on “Make Media Great Again” I then email it to Erin, Shayne, TJ and Andrew and threaten them not to edit it. The feeling of accomplishment is fleeting as the holiday months make for short deadlines. I find solace in a generous pour of red wine.

“That’s what Hemingway would have done…” I tell myself.

Tuesday, November 22nd (9:10pm) – I stare at the blank word doc as though I’m looking directly into my soul. Fatigue set in over an hour ago but I regularly tell myself that I’m too young to be tired when a 9 is the first number on the digital clock.

(11:15pm) – I awake having to brush my teeth, pee, wash my face and push the dog off the bed (not necessarily in that order).

The canvas remains blank.

The report was based on data from a survey of 1,055 bloggers from around the world who create content in a wide range of verticals.

Wednesday, November 23rd (6:05pm) – My fiancé dutifully cooks dinner while both my dogs look at me as though I’m Anthony Hopkins’ character on Westworld. They are playing the role of disgruntled hosts as they have not had a walk. I’ll get to the blog tomorrow, I tell myself.

I too sit on a throne of lies.

Sunday, November 27th (3:30pm) – The first twinges of pressure seep into my consciousness. “I need to work ahead!” I will do just that once I get the steaks marinated and my pool swept. “Did someone say Westworld?”

Blank word docs are so depressing.

Some 78% of respondents say a typical blog post includes an image; 51% say a typical post includes more than one image; and 15% say a typical post includes a video.

Monday, November 28th (9:50am) – My heartless staff lays out blog deadlines with callous disregard for my mental health and chronic writers block. “I’ll show them…” I tell myself. I contact Zenefits and cancel the plans for their 401K in 2017.

(WWAHD … What Would Anthony Hopkins do?)

Thursday, December 1st (8:10pm) – Mercifully the night is quiet. The puppies have been satiated with a walk and the house stirs no more. I grab my computer and retreat to my corner of the bed where creativity and self loathing live together like lions and zebras on the savannah.

(8:11 pm) – Holy crap Steph looks cute in that…

The length of the average blog post is 1,050 words, up 19% from 2015. The percentage of blog posts that are 500 words or less is half what it was two years ago.

Sunday, December 4th (5:15pm) – What a beautiful sunset. I will find solitude in the corner lounge chair under the umbrella next to the waterfall. I will knock out December’s blog and start that novel I’ve been thinking about.

(5:45pm) – Dammit!

(6pm) – Son of a %$#^!

(6:15pm) – I should have voted to legalize marijuana!

Yes dear, I’ll start dinner…

The average time spent creating a typical blog post has increased since 2014.

Monday, December 5th (10:05am) – Of course I will have the blogs done by deadline I tell my staff. Anxiety is my co-pilot. I turn off the heat in the office, close my door and plug in my personal space heater.


Tuesday, December 6th (9:25pm) – Technically it’s been nearly 336 hours since I first tried and failed to write a blog post. That skews the research dramatically. Maybe it’s best they didn’t ask me.

Blog writing is an important way to infuse your site with fresh content and keep your audience engaged in your company’s story. Blessed are the talented people who can do this in a compelling manner in just a few hours.

At ReThinc Advertising… I write the blogs. I hope that you enjoy them.

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