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Marketing That Gets an “A” for Attribution

I recently received an email from one of our clients that contained these two brief sentences: This is the vision for our relationship. Finding the right attributes that demonstrate successful results with clear ROI across the various marketing channels we choose to invest. It was followed by this URL that had a bunch of words and symbols after it like attribution, %, hub, marketing, +, SFMC, = and of course, results.

I get it. He wants marketing success and he wants to know what to attribute that success to.

To paint a better picture I will go on to say that this is one of our more astute clients. He’s knowledgeable and engaged in what we are doing for his company. Most importantly this client is experiencing marketing success and he recognizes that. The challenge for him and for the rest of the marketing universe is determining exactly where that success is coming from.

The super smart people in this world call this marketing attribution.

The digital space allows people to track conversions from their source. However, when you integrate your digital marketing efforts with traditional assets you can create tracking imperfections. Some people use last click attribution which essentially gives conversion credit to the last action taken by the consumer which can be unfair to the rest of the campaign elements.

The very best way to track your marketing efforts is to use advanced attribution. This concept provides assessment of every component of your ad strategy. It is supported by lots of marketing data and those random symbols and words we shared with you in the first paragraph. The best way for me to describe it is to say that it takes all the measurable data available for a given ad campaign (digital and traditional) and gives you a path for greater efficiency.

Your super smart ad agency should have a clear understanding of your overall marketing goals and be fully capable of evaluating all of the elements of the plan to get you there. That will provide them with a more appropriate path for measurement beyond Facebook likes or unique site visits. At ReThinc we encourage you to have dialogue with your ad agency so they can show you just how super smart they are.

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