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Show Your Content Some Love

Like Romeo and Juliet, content and search engine optimization come from two completely different worlds. SEO is very technical and content is creative. But unlike the star-crossed lovers, good content and SEO don’t have to subject themselves to the same tragic fate. If content and SEO are done correctly, the two can bring out the best in one another and provide you with the marketing success you seek.

Over this past year ReThinc’s digital department has developed about a dozen new websites. We are especially appreciative for this kind of work as these sites provide a new marketing foundation for our clients. We get to add fresh content to the site and we have an opportunity to improve the client’s SEO from scratch. Understanding that good content and SEO must hold hands and support each other like any successful couple helps us to create successful websites for our clients.

While search engine optimization and content marketing are very different, they are related because they work towards the same common goal, getting the site more traffic. SEO wants to attract a larger audience and the content wants to engage said audience. When the two work together they can provide relevant, high-quality messaging that creates engagement from the site visitors. The first step to creating this messaging is to understand your audience. What do they want? What is important to them? These questions are similar to the ones you need to know about your significant other in order to have long-term success in your relationship. The optimization will follow if you create relevant content for your audience that addresses their wants, needs and concerns.

Start by creating content for humans, not search engines. This is vital. You may have heard that stuffing your content with keywords and backlinks is the best way to show up on search. Even if your content does show up, you have sacrificed its quality. Without quality content, gaining quality links will be difficult to build. Your visibility will also be limited, especially since Google cares more about whether your content is relevant and helpful rather than stuffed with keywords. Focus on creating good content and you will see your engagement rise.

All that being said you can’t forget about keywords. Instead of using one keyword ten times in a piece, focus on multiple relevant keywords. Using keyword planning websites is a great way to uncover key search terms that will enhance your content. One way of helping users to find your content is to use data that bridges the gap between SEO’s technical side and content’s creativity.

At ReThinc we appreciate the opportunity to enhance a client’s visibility by enhancing their SEO and content marketing. We direct our clients to devise content that is relevant to their audience. Then we take that content and optimize their copy, meta descriptions, image alt-tags and more. Understanding how to marry SEO and content is one of our specialties. If you need a little help, give us a call!

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