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Solutions For Website Content Creation - ReThinc Advertising - Blog By Ed Olsen

ReThinc Solutions For Your Website Content Creation

ReThinc Advertising is a full service ad agency in Phoenix that is adept at building highly functional, fully optimized and user friendly websites. We have a tremendously gifted design team that understands how to make your website content a work of art while delivering a seamless user experience for every device.

Working in conjunction with this gifted group is our digital department that provides the level of expertise required to make sure your site has the stability, functionality, and content optimization that helps consumers locate your brand in an ever-changing search environment. All of these aspects of your website are CRITICAL; meaning that each component must be executed properly to make your website the cornerstone of your overall marketing strategy.

Before this starts sounding like a ReThinc infomercial, I’ll cut to the chase on this month’s blog topic.

Website Content Strategies No Matter Your Industry

The ReThinc portfolio of clients is not the least bit monochromatic. We work with a big law firm in Seattle, a veterinary surgical center in Glendale, a drug/alcohol treatment center in Austin, a tech/cellular company in Show Low, and a real estate brokerage here in Phoenix run by a super cool displaced surfer who should really just sit on a mountain and give advice to people.

I could go on – so I will.

We work with a dynamic community centric healthcare provider, a dispensary in Flagstaff, a mortgage company in Seattle, a benefits company here in Arizona, the best sports bar in the world in Scottsdale, bookend municipalities in Peoria and Tempe as well as another real estate brokerage in Las Vegas; a high end salon in Scottsdale, a big car dealership in the White Mountains, a bathroom remodeling company in Glendale, a home tech company, a commercial janitorial company, a group of mortgage brokers in Scottsdale, and another animal clinic up in Bremerton, Washington. (What can we say? We love our furry friends!)

As you can see, we have a very diverse set of partners that require us to be knowledgeable about everything from edibles to interest rates.

How Do We Create Content For Your Website?

This level of diversity requires us to formulate tactics that support our website content creation strategies. We then apply that understanding to other collateral assets. As you can probably guess, those tactics vary by client. We engage each one of our valued partners with the most effective means possible in order to become the experts we need to be in developing collateral materials and ads that support their brand.

The client plays a big role in how this works. We recognize that they hired us for a reason, and that reason is almost always to grow their share of business. We therefore endeavor to make the critical act of sharing their knowledge with us as easy as possible. Here are some of the things we do to become the brand experts you need us to be when it comes to generating content for your brand.

Content Outlines

These documents are used for both website content and blog creation. Step one is to identify prolific search terms that help to optimize content. We utilize proprietary software to do just that. Step 2 is to frame the content so that whomever is writing it can incorporate key search terms in H1 and H2’s, which are technical marketing terms defined here.

Existing Collateral Materials

Unless we’re building a new brand (which we do, by the way), we give your current collateral assets a run through to see if they are on point. Given the shifting landscape of search and marketing in general, there is always room for improvement. Oftentimes, that’s why a brand reaches out in the first place.

Competitive Analysis

Effective website content is driven by differentiation. That process starts by knowing what other brands are doing in your space. Our digital team evaluates competitors both near and far to see how they’ve structured their story and just how they position their brand attributes.

Then, we do it better … sorry, not sorry.

Live Interviews

When clients aren’t comfortable with providing us with written content or perhaps their existing materials are outdated or off base, we’ll conduct a series of interviews so that you can teach us about your brand, your industry, and your competitors. This goes beyond what we do when conducting a preliminary needs analysis and helps us to formulate a persuasive narrative for your brand.

Content Marketing? We Do That.

As you can see, the client is integral in making us the experts we need to be when creating a website, writing a blog, or developing other collateral materials like brochures, mailers, etc. Hiring an ad agency to create a solid return on your marketing investment starts with the critical step of making them an expert in your industry and more importantly, an advocate for your brand. There’s no shortcutting this process. Those clients that embrace the process with great energy will always fare better than those who do not.

Want to learn more about the value of great content and its role in making our brand successful? Send me an email to or give me a call at 602.284.6722.

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