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The Key to Marketing Success

Sometimes we are so caught up in the technical aspects of marketing that we forget the basics. The complex marketing executions that so many of us are doing these days can distract a business from the most critical principles of advertising. I mean by the time you properly optimize your site, fine tune your digital outreach and get your social media house in order; who has time to remember the fundamentals?

Technology has spawned an entire new category of marketing providers that give their clients managed services, plug in solutions and category specific conversion platforms. We now have such ridiculously sophisticated ways of retargeting, geo targeting, demo targeting and behavioral targeting customers. We can track conversions, evaluate attribution and create models that predict consumer behavior.

We have so much that we can do now with technology that we might sometimes forget to do the one thing that will most certainly help make you successful … listening to your customers.

I’m not talking about monitoring your Google reviews. I’m talking about making sure that you do your best to engage your customers in conversation … and yes, just for one moment do what you can to stop selling to them and just (insert cuss word here of your choice) listen.

You’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn.

At ReThinc we value what we do for our clients. We have a very talented creative team and great digital team as well. Good for us and good for you but with all that being said there is one certainty that we make sure to tell everyone of our clients when we meet for the first time. Great marketing is not going to make you successful. Only you can make yourself successful. Providing great service and a top notch product at a reasonable price in a welcoming environment works 100% of the time. Convincing people that you have it when you don’t fails every single time.

A well crafted ad campaign is a great way to tell your story … listening to your customers will tell you how to write it.

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