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The Secret to Success

The New Year affords everyone a bit of reset. It’s a new beginning and time to implement self-improvement that is forged by resolution. As the owner of a leading digital ad agency in Phoenix, I like to think that any form of improvement does not need to wait for a new year. That being said I do like using the symbolism of a new year to set specific goals for our most valuable assets (our employees) and our most valuable resource (our clients).

I am proud of the fact that our clients have experienced so much success this past year. I am equally pleased that ReThinc had a strong year. For both ReThinc and our clients achieving success is one thing, sustaining success is quite another.

I maintain that success is one of the most dangerous detractors of continued success. Success can breed complacency in task and lethargy in thought.

My vow to you in 2018 is to not let this happen.

For our clients, please continue to understand that marketing is but a piece of the puzzle. Providing outstanding customer service and excellence in product or experience will undoubtedly fuel your continued success. The brand we may have created or are perpetuating for you is but a placeholder for your customer’s experience. Your commitment to business excellence makes our job as your agency all that much easier. Thankfully, we are fortunate to have a portfolio of extraordinary clients that provide exceptional products, services, and experiences to their customers.

For ReThinc, it’s imperative that we not abandon the principles that have helped us achieve excellence these past nine years. We’re coming off of two years of dynamic growth. That growth was fueled by our ability to execute in a digital space where change is nothing less than constant. Being excellent in that space requires us to be constantly learning.

For 2018, we must dedicate ourselves to constant self-improvement. We will be committing ourselves weekly to individual training, monthly to group training, and quarterly to bringing in outside resources for further development. Developing our people for the betterment of our clients and for the progression of their own personal career path is my resolution for 2018.

I’m happy with this past year but more excited for the years to come. We thank you for being part of our family and look forward to a great 2018.

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