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Should My Company Use Threads in Our Marketing Efforts?

I’m not a prolific user of social media. It doesn’t mean I’m not qualified to run a leading digital marketing company, it simply means that I don’t readily share my life on any one of what seems like a lot of social media platforms. I do enjoy engaging social media platforms on occasion and appreciate how social media keeps me in touch with family, friends, and brands that I like.

So, not a hater but also not going to share what I’m having for lunch today either … that make sense?

Paid and organic social media campaigns are two things we do here at ReThinc. I hope this doesn’t sound too much like a sales flex but it’s something we’re very good at.

So, of course, we took notice when Threads became a thing seemingly overnight. The fastest-growing social media platform in history has me all atwitter (see what I did there?)

Or does it? The fly fishing tutorials, police chases and pictures of my granddaughter on Insta take as much of my life as I can give at this point – plus I really don’t have more time in my life to engage yet another social media platform.

But that doesn’t mean your brand shouldn’t take notice and perhaps get with the program when it comes to this new and rapidly growing social media platform. Like lots of you reading this, I signed up for it (so easy) and then pretty much haven’t engaged it that much. That’s not to say that others haven’t.

Granddaughter of Ed Olsen

How Should Your Local Business Engage Threads?

Good question.

Ever notice that people typically say that to give themselves more time on how to answer a question?

The More You Know

Step one – Analyze the cost/benefit of adding another social media platform to the marketing that you’re currently executing. Adding Threads and doing it properly will take time. Time, like money, is finite. So many brands need to consider the ROI of engaging an additional social media platform. At ReThinc, we typically advise clients to do less platforms, more effectively. Engaging lots of platforms and doing them poorly is no bueno.

Step two – Sign up for an account. This is easier than losing money playing Pai Gow in Laughlin. I’m also going to assume here that you have an interest because your brand already has an Instagram account. In case you need it, here is a link to instructions to sign up for Threads.

Step three – Remember, Threads is like Twitter and Instagram adopted a child. They are the same, but different. Threads will easily allow you to invite followers from your Insta account. Threads is also just like Twitter in the fact that it’s more conversational. Done right, it should invite engagement … so don’t go posting sale pitches and brand statements expecting a ton of likes, follows, and replies. Instead, be thoughtful and evocative. If you’ve had enough to drink, maybe even try to be funny.

This sometimes doesn’t work … ask me how I know.

Regardless, the key to making a platform like Threads work is to create value in the conversation. The human who sees your written words and images should find value in them. Value can be defined as entertainment, information, and even clever incentives that don’t come across as salesy.

To boil things down … if you want engagement and followers… say something people want or need to hear. It’s really that simple. It’s just like regular human interaction. If you converse with me I’ll listen … if you sell me, I’m shutting down like Stephanie at 9 pm on a weeknight.

It’s an art form really … just ask your 22-year-old niece who has 78,000 followers and more likes than a Kim Kardashian yoga class.

Social Media Influencer

Step four – Engage, engage, engage … I’m going to forego the obvious Steph joke here and lean into the fact that no form of social media is a post-it and forget-it platform. Threads, like Twitter, will require attention to the conversation, analysis of the engagement, and strategic thought to the brand’s message. We equate Threads and Twitter as shouting into a room … pay attention to what people respond with or if they even care about what you’re saying to begin with.

OK, so that’s our take. My team plans on starting our Threads efforts based on all the excitement this blog evoked. Today, Threads enjoys less clutter than we get on Twitter and unfortunately, it’s probably only a matter of time until the sad people figure out how to negatively impact Threads like they did Twitter. This early time means your brand can have a greater voice until things get more crowded.

That means the time is now to get rolling on your Threads campaign. Right, Wendy’s?

If you don’t know where to begin and want some further direction on how your brand can engage new or existing audiences with Threads, send an email to or give me a call at 602-284-6722.

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