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Why We Work Hard

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in my two some decades of business experience it’s that there is one common thread to success… hard work. Regardless of a company’s size, getting an entire company to consistently work hard is difficult. At ReThinc, we consistently work hard.

Here’s how:

First off, we do what we do. We are not a front for a digital ad service provider, we don’t freelance our creative nor do we use a back end CRM company that white labels their work for resale. I’m not necessarily criticizing companies that do that, I’m just saying that business model doesn’t work for our clients so it doesn’t work for us.

That makes us accountable and that makes us work hard.

Secondly, we’ve created a positive work environment. This more than anything else is critical to getting the best effort from each member of our ReThinc family. We are a group of individuals with differences and commonalities. We use our commonalities to build a foundation for our core principles. We embrace our differences to create greater strengths.

At ReThinc, we mandate to each employee that their life take preeminence over their job. This is a very important component to our culture … our work serves our life; it is never the other way around.

That makes us happy and that makes us work hard.

We also collectively possess a strong desire to exceed our clients’ marketing needs. We derive great inspiration from their success. That affirmation is the reason that nearly 60% of our current clients have come to us by way of a referral. It makes every moment of our effort worthwhile.

That makes us grateful and that makes us work hard.

Lastly, our company is structured for the benefit of all. On the client side we do very good work for a very reasonable price. Internally we operate differently. We value our individual well being, we embrace volunteerism for the betterment of our society and we engage in profit sharing so that each and every member of our family can enjoy the benefits of our hard work.

That makes us ReThinc, and this is why we work hard.

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