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Best Places to Work … er, Hire

So, here’s an interesting flex topped with a gratuitous backlink.

In 2021, ReThinc Advertising was named one of the top places to work by the Phoenix Business Journal. After you navigate the paywall, you can read the article here.

Before you hit delete and move on to that riveting Old Navy email that undoubtedly showed up right after ours, stay with me until the end for your WIIFM (what’s in it for me) takeaway.

ReThinc is a relatively small operation in the big field of marketing. I believe we have twelve some odd employees, but that’s only because I sometimes count Erin Melde and Erin Redd as two different people. If you worked here, you’d understand.

The Best and Biggest Small Digital Ad Agency in Phoenix

At last count, there are something like six thousand ad agencies of various sizes that offer marketing services in Arizona. This includes the ‘big, full-service’ shops with real live receptionists, clever names, and amazingly talented people like LaneTerralever (mash-up), Lavidge (rhymes with Savage, clever, no?), OH Partners (please don’t say I-O), and RIESTER (I before E except after C). It also includes a whole bunch of super awesome mid-sized agencies*, smaller agencies like us and guys like Norman Pitcher who provides marketing consulting services from his home in Quartzite. Norm (as we affectionately call him) still uses a fax machine, has a horrific nose hair issue, and has an operable VHS player attached to his television set. Norm sold Yellow Pages advertising in rural Oklahoma in the late 70s.

Where does that leave ReThinc, and more importantly, where is this blog heading? Well, being named one of the top places to work is critical to our ability to be one of the best and biggest small digital ad agencies in Arizona. You see, to be able to provide extraordinary results in a crowded and competitive market, we have to have great people who don’t have discernible nose hair issues working for our clients.

Mission accomplished: our secret is our people. Having a positive working culture means we don’t have to constantly reinvent ourselves every six months. My favorite part about this award is that it’s driven internally, meaning our employees voted us one of the best places to work (not Andrew’s mom or Stephanie’s ex-boyfriends). That’s refreshingly validating.

A ‘smaller’ agency in the big field of marketing requires of us to do things in a big way, which we do every day. Beyond our amazing design team, my digital team must stay apprised of the many dynamic changes happening in search and social media. I’m grateful for the talented people that make that happen.

ReThinc Advertising is a Full Service Digital Ad Agency

Well beyond the obvious SEO play I just made and the stellar competition from all these ad agencies are self-help platforms that promise marketing results as soon as your credit card payment clears. Yes, you can make your own website and yes, you can go to Staples and have your brochure made. That’s entirely legitimate if Norm is falling short of your expectations.

Self-service platforms save you money, are turnkey, timely, and make Norm look like he works for Saatchi & Saatchi.

I fully recommend self-service marketing platforms for people looking to increase their Girl Scout cookie sales, encourage sign ups for Little League, and revive their stagnant Mary Kay cosmetics business. Beyond that, you should really be seeking professional help to grow your business.

Wait, What’s In It For Me?

Working with a hard-charging (and happy), full service digital ad agency means your account gets more attention than you might get in a larger, more commoditized self-service platform. Not to mention the attention (or lack thereof) you might receive from a bigger national agency located offshore in a place like Florida or Malaysia, which, ironically, have never been seen in the same room, ever.

Happy employees work harder on key skill sets that the best smallest-big agencies have to provide to retain your business. Oh, and by the way, your business matters, meaning you don’t have to be a seven figure client to get our attention. We thrive by staying ahead of change, frequently analyzing key performance indicators, and providing marketing services in a way that gives you confidence that every dollar you invest in is spent properly.

That’s what we do, and I’m happy to say that we’re happy to do so.

*Quick Sidebar
Shout out to The James Agency … I can’t come up with anything clever about their name, they too were named as one of the best places to work. Well-deserved! The people over there are happy, energetic and have incredibly nice teeth.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – Ed Olsen is the president/owner of ReThinc Advertising and Public Relations. He has lots of opinions on all things marketing. To read more of them, click here.

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