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I Love My Website

I never really thought about this, but your company website is a lot like your girlfriend. In an effort to be more inclusive please know that you can substitute significant other for girlfriend at any time. It should all make sense.

It’s just easier for me because:

A. I have a company website (two of them actually).

B. I have a girlfriend (just one).

Back to my point … when you first get a girlfriend you are like “OK cool, this is my girlfriend”. When you first build a website, you are like “OK cool, this is my website.” Just like your girlfriend, your website makes your life better and people like you more because you now have a website.

A great website should be properly designed (pretty), search optimized (friendly), responsive (compatible), secure (loyal) and load quickly (athletic). A great website drives people to your business where they spend their time and their money. In a perfect world you love your website and your website loves you … but just know that there are things that YOU must do to keep your website happy.

Your website should receive consistent if not constant attention. You should always appreciate your website the same way that others do. Paying proper attention to your website ensures that website is well designed (pretty), responsive (compatible) and optimized (friendly).

If your website is not pretty, compatible and friendly you should call me.

Your website should also be secure. An insecure website can be exhausting and you really have no one to blame but yourself. Keep up with all the required updates that your platform requires. Also, put your URL to the test and see whether you have https or http in your URL. If you only have http as a prefix then you are insecure. Just saying.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Swipe right. I’ll be notified that we’re a match and I’ll be in touch.

Perhaps it’s a sign of the times but load speeds are now a way that websites are judged. Nobody is interested in websites that take a long time to load. Websites that take a long time to load are not as fun as websites that load quickly. They are almost limited in what you can do and where you can do anything with them. Websites with slow load speeds are not friendly, tend to sleep a lot on weekends and prefer cats over dogs.

Have a slow website? We can make it better.

All these issues can be solved by a good design firm with a solid digital department that is technologically savvy. ReThinc Advertising can take your website and give it the attention it needs to be pretty (well designed), compatible (responsive), friendly (search optimized), loyal (secure) and athletic (quick load speeds). We’ll keep your relationship with your website strong and mutually beneficial. Want to learn more or need me to take a look at your website? Call me at 602-284-6722 or email me at

Once you are back in good graces with your website you can continue with your blissful journey to business excellence.

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