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Make Media Great Again

ReThinc Advertising has drastically increased their media buying efforts in the Phoenix market these past two years. If all goes as planned we will be doing the same in the Seattle / Tacoma market next year. Media buying (both digital and traditional) is a core competency for our agency.

ReThinc is a digital forward agency meaning we typically structure our marketing efforts primarily with digital assets that are supported by traditional outreach. We believe that traditional media is an effective means of delivering ad messages and a great way to enhance digital response.

Simply put, traditional media can be an important part of a well crafted ad strategy.

Unfortunately, buying traditional media in the digital age has becoming increasingly difficult for many agencies. Shrinking profits for newspapers, TV stations and radio conglomerates have resulted in a divestment in talent on the sales side. Many media providers underestimate the value of a veteran account executive that readily understands basic marketing principles, knows the strengths (and weaknesses) of their station and is timely in their follow up.

Less capable sales talent makes for less effective ad investments which drive the dollars to more attributable, digital platforms even faster. My advice to any sales leadership reading this blog would be to develop talent and then pay well enough to keep said talent. I know that’s easier said than done and I also know that philosophy has to start at the top.

I have over 20 years of sales and sales management experience. It takes me less than a meeting to know that a rep is good or not. I can guarantee you that if you are reading this and you are still calling on ReThinc that you have passed a rather rigorous internal evaluation. I have been diligent (and lucky) to find talented TV reps across the board. After some work and a few phone calls we now have some of the best radio reps in the business calling on us. My print reps are both talented and energetic with two notable exceptions that will be replaced before this blog is posted.

The problem has been that we’ve needed to work through way too many bad reps to get to the talented ones we have today.

ReThinc is demanding but fair. When we press you for value and strong placement we are actually protecting your share from attrition. We understand the market forces that are working against you. I even understand some of the internal pressures that you may have to navigate.

All that being said, we implement digital strategies that work in conjunction with your traditional capabilities so that our clients get the marketing success they’ve contracted us to deliver. My best advice to anyone of our traditional media reps calling on us is the exact same advice I taught for years. Make client results your number one priority and your share will follow.

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