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ReThinc Your Website

OK, so as of last year there was something like 935,951,027 active websites in the world. It’s safe to say we’ve surpassed the one billion mark sometime over these past few months. Websites are as varied as anything else in this wonderful world of ours but for the purposes of this blog we’ll categorize them as personal sites (yawn), portfolio sites (pretty simple), directory sites (these can be tedious) and e-commerce sites (which can vary from not that complex to holy crap we need to hire 100 developers by Friday).

There are other designations but it’s getting late and I need to watch the last episode of Stranger Things before I go to sleep. Therefore, they are not relevant.

See? I sound like a web developer already.

The other way to categorize websites is by designating them as great or crappy. Like American politics there are few sites that occupy the middle. It’s either your site looks like your 14 year old nephew downloaded a template off the back of box of cereal or you had the real life cast of Silicon Valley working on your site for years.

You could, with very little training provided by a website … build your own website. That felt odd just writing that, but it’s true. You can go to sites like Wix, GoDaddy or Squarespace and literally plug in some photos, pound out some text and tell the girls at the bar that you’re a web developer. Just know that when you do that it looks like you plugged in some photos, pounded out some text and pretty much lied about being a web developer.

Of the billion or so aforementioned websites in the world today a big portion of them were built poorly. I don’t have the exact figure but I’m going to guess and say 40% of the websites in existence today look like someone plugged in some photos, pounded out some text and then lied to a girl at a bar.

Do you see where this is going?

A bad website is like using your 7th grade school picture for your Tinder profile. Nobody wants to swipe right when they see your crooked buck teeth, pimply face and disheveled hair. It’s the same thing with your website. When someone visits your site and sees that your company is stuck in 7th grade, they leave.

This leaves you with the alternative; getting a second mortgage on your house to pay for a company to build you a website. If you have children, a spouse or a dog this could be problematic. If you own a cat, go ahead and make the call cause no one likes you anyway. You should also make that call if you have complex needs for your site. E-commerce, security, multiple logins and real time inventory type sites require expensive developers with seductive accents.

If you are a semi-regular business owner and have a need for a well designed and functional website, you can call us. We make highly functional and pleasant looking websites without creating the need for another mortgage on your home.

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