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The Road to Advertising Success

Navigating today’s vast and fragmented marketing landscape isn’t as hard as you might think. I’m not saying it’s a cake walk either. Let’s look at some of the fundamentals and see if we can’t help you with your marketing efforts. Let’s start by dispelling a few widely held myths…

1. Traditional media is not effective for you anymore. This is an easy position to take in today’s click happy world. Whereas traditional media has lost a significant amount of share I would emphatically state that television, radio and print can still work for you.

2. If you do a sport sponsorship you will easily get more customers. Nope. Sports sponsorships are a great way to gain affinity and touch consumers in an extremely effective way. The challenge is that most companies fail to align their sports assets to their customer acquisition and sales growth efforts.

3. Advertise on mobile platforms and you will essentially print money. I love mobile advertising as much as the next guy but don’t paint the picture that mobile is the answer. It’s not; it might be part of the answer but that also depends on the question, right?

4. Advertise on digital platforms and you will essentially print money. Hmmm, where did I hear that before? For some time now the internet has tried to position itself as the holy grail of advertising. It’s not. The digital landscape is vast, complex and being sold by two out of every three people in the world today.

5. You can use social media and reach my customers for little to no cost whatsoever, you can then print money. Our friends in the social space don’t work for food. They’ve figured out how to monetize their assets so doing this right and doing it free ain’t happening. It’s also not quite as easy or automatic as you might be led to believe.

So let’s pull this all together. Essentially what I’m saying is that traditional media can still work even though they have a smaller share of audience, sports sponsorships typically don’t work because they are poorly structured, mobile isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, digital media is being sold by everyone with a pulse and your social media strategy can no longer be executed by your 15 year old niece.

Let me clarify – all of the aforementioned marketing assets work when you can establish the most important component to marketing success; RELEVANCE. Today’s fragmented marketing landscape might be challenging but the main difference between today and 30 years ago is that you now can use traditional, sports, mobile, digital and social to reach RELEVANT audiences.

When you can utilize media to reach a relevant audience you will have marketing success. The key is to do your homework. Analyze your business, your competition, your current customers and most importantly, your current advertising campaign. Make certain that every effort is being made to reach a relevant audience.

I can guarantee you that when you target your well crafted ad messages to properly defined audiences, you will have the marketing success you are looking for.

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