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Well-Designed Website by ReThinc Advertising

Well-Designed Websites are Key to Marketing Success

As a full-service, digital marketing agency in Phoenix, ReThinc Advertising and Public Relations specializes in creating well-designed websites that are highly functional, stable, and contemporary-looking for our clients.

I believe that we occupy a very enviable position as far as our business goes. We serve businesses that represent a wide array of categories in markets as close as down the street and as far away as Atlanta.

We have more than a handful of clients that I would consider bigger companies that require a fair amount of heavy lifting when it comes to their marketing efforts. The rest of our portfolio is moderate-sized businesses. Their needs run the gamut from digital and social media executions to graphic design and very specific traditional work involving media buying.

The one thing that is critical to all brands regardless of their size or category is the importance of having a dynamic and well-structured website.

Why is your website so important to your marketing efforts?

Oftentimes we’ll be contacted by a client looking to engage in some type of marketing outreach only to find out that their website is problematic. Their business has changed, their industry has changed, or for whatever reason, their website simply looks old, tired, and incapable of properly reflecting what they do for their customers. Worse yet, we see websites completely void of the elements necessary for the site to be properly optimized or used for any type of search engine marketing campaign.

A properly structured site provides your customers with a better user experience, a higher likelihood of engagement, and most importantly, an enhanced organic search position.

Your website must be properly designed.

For many businesses, a website represents their primary marketing asset. If structured properly, it readily defines your brand attributes and helps to motivate potential customers to convert to clients. Some of the reasons we see so many poorly structured or outdated websites are likely because many companies don’t fully understand the importance of a well-built site or the elements they need in order to have one.

Although it seems kind of odd to say this in 2023, your site also has to be dynamic on multiple screens – including (and most importantly) mobile devices. I’m always shocked to see sites that aren’t responsive. Site engagement on mobile devices is reported to be over 60% of all site traffic, which makes having a site that isn’t designed and structured for mobile problematic.

Unfortunately, there are plenty of companies that will gladly build you a website that is woefully inadequate. The difficult part of this is that the website’s challenges are not readily visible to the untrained eye.

What do I do if i have a poorly designed website?

If you feel like your site might be lacking we will gladly provide you with a free, no-obligation site analysis which includes both design and function comments from our experts.

Want to learn more about the importance of well-designed websites and how they work to attract and retain customers? Send an email to or give me a call at 602.284.6722.

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