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Y the C…

R-E-T-H-I-N-C … wait, shouldn’t that be a K?

As the owner of this Phoenix digital marketing agency, I’ve pretty much heard it all. From people thinking that we accidentally misspelled our company’s name (for 8 years now?) to others who for the life of them can’t pronounce the name properly because the C throws them for a loop.

I’m here to tell you that it’s all quite purposeful. You see any time you challenge the human brain to process information the ability to influence and retain said information is more pronounced (critical sentence alert). Spelling “thinc” with a C makes you think … making someone think is the first step in getting someone to act.

We always wanted to be different … from the way we created ads, to how we work with clients and even the internal culture that permeates our office. We say it on our website (so it must be true) and in our RFPs (so hell yes it’s true).

We are a different kind of ad agency.

The “C” is here to remind us of that. We will not and cannot be a normal ad agency. We don’t have a foosball table in our office nor do we consider that a way to be different. What we do have is a commitment to make our clients’ ads stand out in an extremely oversaturated marketplace. What we also have are new and different ad strategies that guide our clients to spending less money while being more effective with their advertising outreach.

A misspelled verb for a name doesn’t accomplish this. Or does it?

Just like brand positions sometimes you can achieve your goals in a subtle manner. Every day our valued clients are reminded that we are different by our work and exposure to our brand. The “C” reminds them (and us) that norms are to be avoided. Excellence can be achieved by being different. Whether that means you are showing the back of a realtor instead of their face, improving search results with enhanced brand outreach or creating an analytical dashboard to track online ticket sales activity for your venue… ReThinc endeavors to always be different.

If you want to “C” for yourself give me a call at 602-284-6722 or shoot me an email at

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