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Your Tagline is Showing…

Advertising is not getting any less convoluted anytime soon. I mean as the owner of a Phoenix advertising agency I see firsthand just how difficult it is to “differentiate your company from the competition while creating resonance with your target audience.” (Wait for it…)

As a branding agency in Phoenix, ReThinc Advertising will do everything we can to make all facets of your marketing execution as simple as possible. Simplicity starts with the basics. When you are advertising there is nothing more basic than creating a brand with a tagline that supports said brand.

Anytime we create a brand or execute a rebrand with a client we try and get ahead of the next logical step which is creating a tagline to “differentiate your company from the competition while creating resonance with your target audience.” (There it is…) We feel that a well-crafted brand almost always has a supporting tagline that helps to communicate the most important aspects of your brand position, ideally in a concise and memorable way.

Think of your brand as Batman and your tagline as Robin. Batman is totally good as a standalone but think of how much better he is with his ambiguously feminine sidekick Robin. Yet another potentially uncomfortable example would be thinking of your brand as Matt Damon and your tagline as Ben Affleck. Sure, The Bourne Identity is a decent movie but how much better is Good Will Hunting?

I think you get what I’m saying. Here are a few national brands with great taglines:

• Dollar Shave Club – “Shave Time. Shave Money.”
• Nike – “Just Do It”
• Apple – “Think Different”
• DeBeers – “A Diamond is Forever”

A tagline is integral in how your brand sells customers, reinforces strategy and positions your company amongst the competition. Being a boutique branding agency in Phoenix might keep us from working on the next Nike tagline but it doesn’t keep us from working on these very cool and unique brands:

• North&Co – “Real Estate by Trade”
• Austin Bates, Homeowner’s Financial Group – “Closing Loans. Opening Doors.”
• Washington Law Center – “We Fight, You Win”
• K O’Donnell’s Sports Bar and Grill – “Come for the Food, Stay for the Game”

When creating a tagline for a brand launch or rebrand you should focus on creating a message that is:

• Simple
• Positive
• Memorable
• Relevant
• Different

Different is a ReThinc thing. We feel that being different is an important part of a balanced marketing execution … especially when you are working in a competitive category. Too many companies get in the trenches with their competition which makes differentiation very difficult. For example, when you are a real estate brokerage and you are doing the same thing that every other real estate brokerage is doing, it’s hard to stand out.

Other obvious points include making sure your tagline is focused on the target audience and speaks to a key benefit the consumer will experience when they engage the brand. You don’t need to be a marketing super hero to know that.

If you are engaging in a brand launch or a rebrand and you want to talk to someone who’s not afraid to use the term “ambiguously feminine” in their blog outreach and perhaps maybe in your tagline, shoot me a call at ReThinc Advertising. Our number is 480-468-9588 and my email is

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