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Bullseye! Digital Re-targeting

Digital Re-Targeting is not the latest, but some might argue it’s the greatest when it comes to advertising on the internet. Here’s how it works. You need a pair of brown shoes for that navy suit you just bought at Banana Republic. You get on the search engine of your choosing and the wonderful acronyms that are SEO and SEM guide you to a website with the shoes you are looking for. You peruse the site and find a pair of cognac colored Kenneth Cole loafers that will most assuredly make women stare at you. Unfortunately, you shopping is interrupted by that annoying boss who expects you not to buy stuff on the internet while you are at work; online session terminated.

Who can work for such a tyrant?

Well…thanks to the miracle that is the internet the company who sells the shoes is on to you. In simple terms their site was watching you navigate around and knows exactly which pair of shoes you looked at the longest. Next day, you get on your favorite sports website to see how many points LeBron put on the Suns last night and BAM there’s an ad from the site you were on yesterday. Oh and by the way the ad is for that pair of Kenneth Coles’ that are guaranteed to enhance your suit and your love life.

Unbelievable, it’s like a marketing miracle.

Digital re-targeting is a virtual tap on the shoulder to a consumer. You showed interest … click here now and you get what you were looking for yesterday (or the day before, or last week even). You as a business owner just transformed that information seeking consumer into your customer. How does this happen? Well, it’s a secret and we’d love to tell you more. Visit our website and we’ll get back to you.

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