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As a leading digital ad agency in Phoenix we get our fair share of solicitations for services that claim to “drastically enhance” what we do for our clients. Almost all of these come from some unknown, non-local entity that really should cut to the chase and just ask us for money. The ask inevitably entails charging us for something that we already do for our clients or, in some cases, something they want to do for us like generating additional leads, writing our blog content, and of course, handle all of our accounting.

These solicitations come at a pretty rampant clip. I’ve been counting them in anticipation of writing this blog and all told, I get about 45 per week. Those are just solicitations that are trying to sell me services related to what we do as an ad agency in Phoenix.

I have no doubt that at least some of these companies do decent work. The two problems I have with that are “some” and “decent.” Our clients deserve better and by doing virtually everything under our own roof, I can control that.

When we do the work for our clients, I can then use words like “all” and “excellent”.

I don’t blame them for trying to sell me though. I would guess that they send out thousands of these “personalized” messages a day via email. It’s an inexpensive way to solicit a readily identifiable demo. They mistakenly think ReThinc is one of those “virtual agencies” that don’t really have a building or any kind of staff. I know of a handful of agencies like that here in Phoenix. I don’t have anything bad to say about ad agencies like that … I also don’t have anything good to say either.

That’s just not our business model. Yes, we do utilize advanced technology platforms that create efficiencies in the outreach we do for our clients but no, we do not hand over the reins to someone outside of our office.

At any given time of the day I like that I can walk across the office and talk to Jordon about a rich media ads, Erin about a website we’re developing, Andrew about a search campaign, TJ about an important piece of content, Ashley about a social media ad, Marisa about a print concept, and Stephanie … well, I can ask her just about any question regarding any of these things. And you know what? They will all have an answer.

That’s the beauty of not having a media buyer in Pittsburgh, a graphic designer in Oakland, and a web developer in Bangladesh. If you hire an ad agency that works like this you may find that getting answers to your questions or action on your need doesn’t happen quite as quickly as you may want it to.

At ReThinc, we pride ourselves on being timely and honest when it comes to helping our clients. We also like that everything we do happens right here in our office. Every award-winning ad, every conversion, every social media post, every blog, and yes even the occasional mistake is all our work. If you are looking for an ad agency in Phoenix and not a content provider in Canada, call me at 602-284-6722 or email me at

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