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Raisin’ Brand

At Rethinc … we are in the business of brand building. We devise the assets you need to put your brand forth in the marketplace.

Even the smallest business has a brand. In its most modest terms, a company’s brand can be represented by something as simple as its name. Brand building takes place when you develop more complex aspects of your business like logos, taglines, advertising campaigns, product offerings and customer service practices.

There are times when it’s necessary for companies to rebrand themselves. The reasons are too numerous to list, but primarily rebranding takes place when the consuming public is unaware of the advantages your company has over the competition. Re-branding can also be necessary when you make changes to your product or service offerings.

Another reason to consider rebranding your company is when you have established a negative brand image or occupy a disadvantageous position with your competitors. This common occurrence happens when you’ve fallen short on customer service initiatives or get out marketed by a competitor.

Rebranding does not have to be a complex experience. It does require that you assess the potential upside or downside of amending your established brand. It’s always beneficial to enlist the assistance of experts who will assist in making sure that your rebrand is properly executed. Often times the execution can be as essential as the substance.

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