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SEO is Overrated

I was making a random list of things that were overrated; it looked something like this – turkey bacon, Latin jazz, soccer, search engine optimization, breakfast at OHSO, and suddenly I’m like WAIT… HOW CAN I SAY THAT ANYTHING THAT EVEN REMOTELY TASTES LIKE BACON IS OVERRATED?!?! So I took turkey bacon off the list.

Actually, all these things are good. So don’t think I’m ripping on Latin Jazz or the one place I can take my dog for a beer. There’s a difference between good and overrated… that’s all.

For instance, search engine optimization is definitely a good thing. I’m sure that the minute I listed it as overrated a bunch of new age marketers with their marginally combed hair and impeccably groomed beards scoffed at my ignorance. I mean SEO is the primary component of SEM (which violates the one acronym per sentence rule). A properly optimized website (content and architecture) allows your company to be easily found by desperate consumers who are just dying to spend their disposable income with your business. How in the name of Louie Moses can that be overrated?

It’s overrated when you create content that is not really informative, not the least bit engaging but is perfectly optimized for search. Often times this content is provided by companies that create a sweatshop environment that churns out content from disenfranchised liberal arts majors who can write OK but lack other important social skills like dancing and ordering Starbucks in a timely manner.

In my opinion the practice of churning out content in this manner is awful, borderline unethical and super overrated.

Yes search engine optimization is important. It makes a difference on where you show up for search and it does so without cost. Don’t make me say that again. I mean, it can do so without cost if you know what you are doing. But even still as a person who makes a living doing SEO for some BFD’s (there I go again) I will maintain that generating bad content strictly for the sake of optimization is overrated.

ReThinc Advertising is a provider of marketing services in Phoenix. As an ad agency in the Phoenix market we work to provide advertising services in Arizona. If you should have questions on how to advertise your company in Phoenix, you can give me a call at 602–284-6722 See? Just like turkey bacon.

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