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DIY Marketing

At ReThinc, we don’t operate with a hyper-competitive mindset to outbid other ad agencies. The “win the account at all costs” mentality is in a word “unbecoming” and in two words “not necessary.” I’m going to forego sharing the three-word descriptive due to censorship issues. 

We just don’t see our industry as one that requires that kind of negative energy. Yes, we deliver excellence to our clients with great vigor; But no we don’t compete for new business gladiator style. 

Our reputation accounts for almost all of our new business and we tend to get most of the work we seek. We feel fortunate to have a widely varied portfolio of friendly clients that are great to work with.


As the owner of an ad agency, what I do keep an eye on is the proliferation of DIY marketing that a potential client can access online. These web-based companies afford brands a wide array of marketing services. Everything from optimized websites, automated PPC, and graphic design can all be had with a few clicks of your mouse. They also have lots of money to market themselves and I’m seeing them with greater frequency in my feed. 

“In my feed” is a new, cool way of identifying the media you consume. A very hip and oddly smelling hipster relayed this to me at a no-name coffee shop on my last visit to Seattle. I know, I know … I really shouldn’t talk to strangers but still, when in Rome. 

I digress.


Today, I can say smugly that I have little to no concern about competing with the quality of the product or service these online marketing companies provide. Better stated, it’s not a source of my most common night terror which involves a conspicuous make-up stain from Jennifer Garner on the shoulder of my new white shirt. How do I explain that to Stephanie?  

Again, I digress. 

Typically, DIY marketing companies operate “off-shore” and candidly, it shows. Often times, the work is done by what I’d like to call “less than qualified parties.” They also don’t sell the talent that is necessary to make the end product look as professional as it needs to. That is a very important point and that’s what makes competing with them with my party pretty simple at this point.  

All that being said, DIY marketing is something more businesses are looking at and it poses a threat to my company. From the client’s perspective, they are getting the services they need at less cost. Unfortunately, they soon come to realize that the lower cost comes with a lot of other shortcomings as well. 

So…quality and service wise, ReThinc runs circles around these companies.


What ReThinc can’t compete with is the level of self-promotion these companies do to attract new clients. DIY marketing services are active on a number of fronts and their creative is usually pretty compelling, especially to someone who doesn’t think it through. 


Look, progress waits for no man. I won’t be able to stem the tide of automated services in marketing or any other field. What I can do is continue to provide highly personalized, well-structured and properly executed ad campaigns that are effectively targeted to my clients’ most relevant audience. I can share my employee’s vast skills and knowledge to their benefit and actually SAVE them money on their outreach. 

Now that deserves a big hug from Jennifer Garner. Want to learn more about how ReThinc Advertising provides the world with better marketing? Contact Ed at or fill out one of our highly personalized contact forms on our new website. 

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