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‘Twas Time for ReThinc

‘Twas the middle of the recession and all through the house
not a company was succeeding and my boss was a louse
Sales management was hung by their thumbs with no care
In fear that the recession would soon leave them there

The graphic designers remained in their bed
While visions of pink slips danced in their head
With Lauren in her jean jacket and Steph in her coat
We ditched our bad boss and made off in a boat

When out in the market there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my Lexus to see what’s the matter
Away to our own office we flew like a flash
Set up in the Airpark with just a wee bit of cash

With no clients or money we’d make it a go
Hard work and talent we’d have to show
When, what to my wondering ears should appear
A call from Fort McDowell, a Casino! Oh dear!

With a grumpy old client who was super tough
I knew in moment we’d make improvements to his stuff
About that time I noticed their game
That Lauren and Steph were amazing, the same!

Clients came running now North and KO’s
Just little ol’ me and a couple of pros
Come Jayme! Come Jordon! Come Andrew of course
To the top of the market with the speed of a horse!

Now NASCLA and All Saints were happy to call
A move to Phoenix would happen in fall
As the clients came calling, the phone it would ring
We added an Erin and she’s quite a talented thing

Our services swelled with the wink of an eye
As we added Ashley, Marisa and that one red-headed guy
And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the street
Seattle has clients and they’re super neat

Down the chimney with Care, CellOne, and George O
ReThinc would succeed with Valleywise and Horne Auto
As I returned to my chair from my days doing sports
We added AZ New Bath, TCA, Rumors and a Bluprint of sorts

Come Camroad, Peoria and of course Valley Schools
ReThinc was abound with great clients, how cool
As I marveled to think about what I had found
Wheaton Way and Washington Law would all stick around

And behold my wondering eyes would appear
Andrea and Jenna and Mai now work here
As I wind this thing down with one simple thought
We are blessed to know you all, it’s our best that you got
And let me exclaim as we get into gear

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